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Now email intros are the easiest part of your day!

Now email intros are the easiest part of your day!

"Good intros make stuff happen. They earn money, they land jobs, they can even lead to marriages. Bad intros just leave people hating you." - Sacca Intros are awesome but at the executive level, most people want to opt in before potentially meeting the other person. Most have solved this through the Double Opt-in Introduction, but this is a huge time suck. It's typically a 3 step process that happens over multiple days. If you send 1-2 intros per month, that's no big deal. If you send 3-10 per day as many connectors do, it's a huge time-suck and really difficult to keep track of everything. Now Entro let's you accomplish all of this in 1 easy workflow that takes 5-10 minutes. The introducer fills out the customizable pre-intro & intro. After everyone opts-in, the introduction is sent. Also we automatically follow up after to see how the introduction went so people can understand how they've helped. This typically only happens ~20% of the time, but now 100% since we auto follow up.

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