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A big step into the General Artificial Intelligence

A big step into the General Artificial Intelligence

Current versions:
EntityPower v.4.0 Beta
EntityPower v.3.6 Stable
After 14 years of studies and tests, we've built a series of functional tests (referred to neurobiology, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology and evolutionary psyschology) and some prototypes.

By raising a full knowledge, our product is able to be installed onto several hosts by using plugins to simulate senses and muscles (to appraise, move and act). It's possible to install it in a video game (to work as NPCs' mind), a Robot, a Car or other vehicles, a Scientific Simulation, a Chatbot, a House or other Buildings as IoT Manager, a Smartphone as Assistant, one a computer to work for you on the software you have installed, and many other applications.
AI Expert from 90s, I realized that the General Artif.Intell. is possible by exploring the cognitive functions by Neuropsychology

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