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Enter gets doctors paid MORE than anyone in healthcare

Enter gets doctors paid MORE than anyone in healthcare

Enter's A.I. healthcare payment platform gets doctors paid more from insurance and patients. Enter is the future of healthcare payments. The Enter Platform makes medical billing and RCM efficient, transparent and easy. Enter gets doctors paid more for their insurance claims while automating patient collections and reconciliation. Compared to existing medical billers today, Enter is: - Increasing revenue with 3x more payer follow up than industry average. Enter's A.I. is able to automate the payer-follow up and appeals process to ensure no money is left on the table. - 45X faster at getting patients billed. Enter's A.I. Patient Communication Engine texts, emails and mails patients with real time updates about their bill. - Real-time transparency for doctors - no more monthly email reports. Enter's cloud based dashboard provides real-time access to all revenue, payer and patient data.

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Jordan Kelley

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CEO @Enter.health - Getting doctors paid faster than anyone on Earth. Co-Founder/CEO of Robocoin. BS @Babson College Founder @Hero Co-Founder jobbi.com (2010)

John Russell

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CTO @Enter.health • Worked at @Robocoin @Cloudsnap @Hamilton Medical Group • MS Computer Science & Engineering