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Take Charge of Your Energy

Take Charge of Your Energy

EnPowered supports Class A businesses in controlling energy costs through demand response and Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) management. As a leader in demand response, EnPowered delivers the industry’s most accurate peak usage predictions, powered by advanced AI & machine learning technologies. While the ICI offers significant global adjustment savings to business, it has become very difficult to manage. EnPowered addresses these issues and assists businesses to eliminate stress, reduce oversight, & avoid unnecessary shutdowns with a pledge of only 10 curtailment calls per year - letting customers focus on their business. Every EnPowered customer saves money, reduces global adjustment expenses, & never misses a peak.

We believe in putting the customer first. With an easy to use portal, peaks are clearly called, usage & saving reports are readily accessible, & representatives are always available.

We value transparency, stand by our predictions, & will show our results.

Tomas van Stee

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Founder of EnPowered. Helping Businesses Maximize Savings and Minimize Downtime.