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Neurotech and music that improve your productivity

Neurotech and music that improve your productivity

We waste over 20,000 hours during our careers distracted in the workplace. It’s no wonder that 29% of people identify difficulty focusing as their #1 issue at work. We believe that with the right mindset, human potential is nearly limitless. Our mission is to help people cultivate that mindset and accelerate towards their potential. Mindset aims to become the leaders in consumer biosensing by creating enticing, high quality products that integrate into daily life. Our first product is a brain-sensing headphone that improves your concentration at work. This will allow us to collect the largest labelled EEG database in the world, enabling new applications spanning online education, e-sports and gaming, AR/VR, and mental health. Learn more at thinkmindset.com/science.

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Jacob Flood

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Founder & CEO of Mindset McGill Engineer. Founder of JFlood.ca tutoring startup. Author of the book Study Smart.

David Doyon

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Founder at Mindset