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Enlitic uses deep learning to make doctors faster and more accurate



Chris Ng

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Alex Pong

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@Harvard University CS '16. Engineering at @Enlitic Past work at @Nurx, @Inkling

Alex Freska

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Naveen Garg

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Ben Covington

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Chris Croswhite

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Software Engineer at Enlitic, Inc.

Alex Rhodes

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Darren Scotti

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Jordan Prosky

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Lionel A Lints

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I am a fullstack web developer and instructor. I love building things and teaching people to build things. I am looking for people who are smart and friendly!

Ben Brzezynski

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Tobi Olatunji

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Clinician with business, technology, data science and startup experience. Studied at University of San Francisco and University of California, Davis

Eric Poblenz

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Anthony Upton

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