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Our society has many ways to control behavior via negative feedback, like penalties and fines, but how does our society reward positive behavior? EnLedger provides a way, via blockchain tokenization of assets and credits linked to energy efficiency, property performance, healthcare, transportation, and incentivized behaviors of any kind. We are building a platform for data ledgerization and interoperability, as an "app-on-the-blockchain" tech services provider for companies and consumers, allowing society to interface with blockchains in innovative new ways.

EnLedger is excited to announce the sale of Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin), a digital asset class linked to the value of energy itself! EECoin is used to pay for functionalities in EnergyChain, an energy-efficient blockchain project with a positive environment impact, and EECoin has a Green Energy Index Price leading to greater stability and utility.

Ryan Molecke

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Track record helping build successful finance tech startups in the crypto-finance space. Ph.D. Nanoscience & Microsystems, computational science background.
Solution and result oriented professional with 10 years of local and international experience in the commercial, government, non-profit, and service sectors.

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