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EnkiCamp instructor

$50k – $70k • 0.05% – 0.2%
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This position is perfect for those that want to leverage their dev or data skills, but also want to actively develop their customer development and product skills.

EnkiCamp instructors are the human part of the blended training experience that Enki offers - the best way for busy professionals to go from "0 to productive" in any skill* as efficiently as possible.

* initially SQL, but with other topics coming up soon. First course:


You'll be:

- Guiding and unblocking learners as they work through our courses
- Reviewing and giving constructive feedback on their exercises, with the help of our suite of instructor tools
- Initiating discussions on Slack with the cohort to maximize learning
- Doing occasional video calls with learners to discuss thorny topics
- Helping learners apply their knowledge to their work as effectively as possible
- Doing any product and development work as appropriate to iterate on the learner experience and instructor tools.

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Founder and CEO of Enki. Previously Co-founder Emerging Travel & Quid (both $40m net rev/year & growing), Data Analytics at Slide ($182M exit), Maths at Oxford.

Nemanja Stojanovic

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Worked at Enki, Infotech Soft. Experience with Full Stack Development, Software Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure. Went to University of Miami