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Chris Abiaad

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Product Strategy @Enigma Technologies (we're hiring!). Previously MBA student @Cornell Tech , co-founder @Bayesix , tech strategy consulting @Acenture.

Isaac Friedman-Heiman

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Isaac Friedman-Heiman is a creative director and consultant working at the intersection of design, technology, and culture.

Brian Tesser

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Christopher Groskopf

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Technical leader, manager, and communicator. I’ve engineered production systems, guided critical projects, and led remote teams for nearly a decade.

Lee Gutman

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Head of Talent @ Enigma

Stephen Fleming

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I'm working primarily across our Engineering and Data teams, with the aim of hiring exceptional team members.

Adam R. Fisher

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One of the leading data product experts in the world

Daniel Melemed

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Brandeis CS; Full Stack Engineer; Java Preferred

Isabel Eckstein

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Product marketing & research @Enigma Technologies in NYC. Former CEB/@gartner consultant and product strategist in DC and London. Cornell ILR Alum.

Tian Xie

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Sr eng @Enigma Technologies, frmr director @Transfix, dev lead @Animoto and dev @BlackRock. Studied @Columbia University. Ruby, python, node.js

Thomas Moran

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Madeline Ross

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Marketing at @Enigma Technologies. B2B strategy and communications. Formerly @GLG, @Monaeo, @united-nations. Alum of @Harvard University, @Columbia.

Garrison Lovely

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Product at @Enigma Technologies; studied labor relations and econ at @Cornell; passionate about @Effective Altruism

Keith Kerr

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Product designer at Enigma

Bill Palombi

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Board members and advisors

Geoff Isenman

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Tech / media consultant; former New York Times, Tribeca Productions

Ben Narasin

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Venture Partner @ NEA - Previouslly 25 yr entrepreneur, 10 yr Institutional Seed Investor

Former team

Elisabeth Mart

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Teju Jyothi

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Bryan Shao

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Evan Jacobs

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Cecilia Watt

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Caden Friedenbach

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