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IoT company in real-time energy monitoring & analytics for businesses to save ENERGY

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Energyly has made disruption in the energy metering & analytics market. One device was monitored by one energy meter for a long time, Energyly disrupted this by making a patented hardware which monitors energy data for 12 devices. This drastically reduced the cost of energy metering allowing SMEs to look at energy efficiency. While the market was a license based in-premise software analytics platform, Energyly was the first to offer IoT based real-time energy monitoring, cloud based analytics on web-app , iOS and Android.

Business owners get to see real-time on/off status of their machines/devices on mobile. Erratic behavior of devices are alerted on mobile by sms/in-app. Downtime daily reports of devices on email. On an average businesses can save from 7 to 30% energy costs using our energy analytics insights.
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