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Next-gen Vocal Synthesis

Next-gen Vocal Synthesis

Emvoice is building the first accurate, complete simulation of a human voice. We are bringing the cost of this rare resource close to zero. Emvoice is VERSATILE: Able to adapt intonation to various situations: read the news, sing, engage in a conversation. Emvoice is BEST IN CLASS: Lively, vibrant, flawless singing voices. Our plugin lets producers create compelling vocals with a click of the mouse. Emvoice is SCALABLE: Requires 96% less audio data than existing technology. Enables mass production of artificial voices. Emvoice is solving industry challenges: - Software has replaced music instruments, except for vocals. Production costs have dropped up to 1000x (orchestral music). Vocals are the missing link in the new music production chain. - Studios need new tools for voice-over for e-learning, online games, advertising, corporate videos, etc. - Lack of dynamics and tools available to create voice branding

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CMO / Cofounder at Emvoice (emotional voice tech)

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Olivier Mohsen

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CEO of Emvoice. Music producer. Strong experience in music technologies and business. Founder of a recording studio in Paris.