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Building the best mobile-banking experience in the world.

Building the best mobile-banking experience in the world.

We believe deeply in the power of design. We built Empower as a mobile-first app as it forced us to rethink how we architect and present data. When you open the app, we want you to feel confident that you know where you stand financially — at any time.

Each of us at Empower has felt the frustration of banks doing a poor job of presenting the data or other apps with poor data quality simply getting our data wrong. Inaccurate data leads to bad recommendations. It is that simple. We know we will not be perfect from the beginning, but we believe we will be a hell of a lot better than the status quo and we have architected our system to learn as our users interact and structure their own data.

Ultimately, the biggest difference we can make to our users is real change — allowing our users to take action based on what they learn from Empower. For this reason, our app doesn’t allow you to just see data, but actually take action within the app.
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Empowering consumers to retake control of their financial lives. www.empower.me
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