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We were founded in February 2018 with the idea that giving plastic a value, we could get it removed from nature. A bit like the bottle deposit system, but for all kinds of plastic! We have gained amazing traction since we started, from being featured in *Forbes* and *The Independent* and invited to a panel at the first OECD forum on Blockchain to winning awards and being the only Nordic initiative among the 25 development projects/ SDG solutions selected to be showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Global Best Practice Programme. We have done cleanups and pilots in more than 15 countries, proving that this really does work! Now we are building a global plastic waste ecosystem to incentivize cleanup and track where the plastic ends - most of it ideally back to reuse! The next step is to bring our vision to more places and create a truly innovative system than can help solve some of the big problems with plastic waste (of which there are more than you might imagine).
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Full-stack DevOps Ninja

Posted 10 months ago

Be an important part of forming the Empower platform into a flexible and robust system. Help design and create architecture for everything from big picture features to low-level internal details.