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As we interact more frequently with voice and gesture-controlled machines, we will expect them to recognize emotion and understand high-level communication features such as humor, sarcasm, and intent. To make such communication possible, we need to endow machines with an empathy module - a software system that can extract emotional cues from human speech, text, and behavior and can guide the response of a robot accordingly.
EMOS embeds your product with emotionally responsive virtual agents to manage the entire interactive experience.
Come join our diverse team in Hong Kong and have a great time building empathetic AI :)
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Scientist (AI and Machine Learning)

As a Scientist for the EMOS team, you will be responsible for translating business and functional requirements into concrete deliverables with the design, development, testing, and deployment of highly scalable distributed services.

You will also partner with scientists and platform engineers t...


Senior Software Engineer (DevOps)

Work closely with engineering teams to deliver the best scaling infrastructure.
System integration, system monitoring, and deployment automation.


Machine Learning Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Design, develop, and maintain core application features;
Develop, tune, and monitor performance of machine learning pipelines;
Collaborate with researchers and other team members to bring trained models into production;
Participate in customer meetings to understand and gu...