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Emerald is an MIT spin-off for non-invasive health monitoring, based on research out of Prof. Dina Katabi's lab.
Our goal is to modernize healthcare through machine learning and touchless sensing. Our team has developed the world's first Wi-Fi like box that analyzes the surrounding radio signals using neural networks, and infers patients' movements, breathing, heart rate, falls, sleep apnea, and sleep stages -- all without requiring users to wear any sensors or wearables. Emerald can monitor patients even through walls.

Our network of Emerald devices deployed in patients' homes ships terabytes of data per day to our cloud platform, providing health metrics to doctors, healthcare professionals, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies.

To see a live demo of our technology, check this TED talk by founder Prof. Dina Katabi ted.com/talks/dina_katabi_a_new_way_to_monitor_vital_signs_that_can_see_throu…
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Senior Software Engineer

Posted 3 months ago

At Emerald you will work on unique technologies that sense people and their vital signs thorough walls and occlusions, in a touchless manner, without any wearables. You will develop algorithms and systems to extract health information and predict changes in health conditions.


Technical Support Lead

Posted 4 weeks ago
  • Manage technical supply chains across multiple studies by tracking and maintaining inventory, material records, and shipping logistics
  • Interact with patients to assist in study participation, device installation, and problem solving