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Who we are Our company is an idea incubator, focused on strategizing and building upon the ideas of our clients. We make ideas grow. We consult and plan out the product life cycle for our clients, to maximize their results while minimizing the risk associated with pursuing new business models or ventures. Our core areas of expertise is design and development. Business activities are currently in Singapore with the intent of Indonesia as a secondary market. Why us? Because we are growth focused. This means growth besides your career but also personal growth. We promote ownership amongst our members, ensuring they are always heard. Our vision is to have Embreo be an ecosystem for both our clients and members, to grow and create. We believe strongly in intrapreneurship and encourage our members to pursue their own projects or goals. There's also cross domain activities, for members who feel stagnant and want to try their hands at different business activities with remuneration models in place.
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Fullstack Javascript developer

Posted 1 month ago

Fullstack Developer
Embreo is looking for fullstack Javascript Developers to help build ground breaking applications and be part of an ecosystem.

Performance bonus for completed projects is applicable on top of the base salary with room to venture into different business activities within the o...


Project Manager

Posted 1 month ago
  • Building your own start up in the future
  • Wants to have an overall view of a product development lifecycle