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Platform technology to integrate joint support into athletic apparel

Platform technology to integrate joint support into athletic apparel

The first knee brace was introduced in 1967 and 50 years later, barely anything has changed. Currently, $2B is spent annually on braces which are bulky, don't stay in place, and incredibly uncomfortable. People spend thousands of dollars on a brace and most wear it once or twice, hate it, and never wear it again. Practitioners and patients agree that compliance is the biggest issue and are actively looking for a better solution. We have developed a platform bracing technology to integrate joint support directly into athletic apparel. Our first product provides the same support as a rigid knee brace in a garment that feels like a base layer while enabling users to adjust support for any instability or activity. We build support structures directly into the seams and panels of the garment, recreating the ligament structure, providing support in the same way as your body.

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Product designer with a PhD in Engineering - If you name it, I can create it! Clean energy technology and nano materials experience. Launched two start-ups.

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Entrepreneur. Engineer. Innovator. CEO at Embrace Orthopaedics Inc.