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Personalized Spatial Audio for Gaming and Entertainment



Business strategy & development leader. Designed/built the US NPR network. Created the Marvell Thin Modem BU growing to $400M/year, drove its divestiture to ASR
Audio Technologist and Entrepreneur. Led Audio Business at Marvell, CTO office. Now building EmbodyVR to transform auditory experience in VR/AR and Hearables


Shruti Badhwar

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PhD, University of Cambridge, Co-founder & VP of Engineering at Embody, Co-founder at Commerce.ai, Research scientist at IBM Research

Nidhi Sikarwar

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Engineer and researcher.

Ira Bolden

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Senior Business Leader & Business Development Executive successful at establishing the vision and strategies for new technology.
TAMU & USC Alumni, building full-stack engineering team at Embody which involves writing front-end and back-end logic and scaling infrastructure.
VP of Creative Direction and Production @ Embody. Now hiring creative audio software developers!

Ira Bolden

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UCLA Postdoctoral Scholar, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Algorithm Designer

Nikhil Javeri

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Research Engineer at Embody. USC MS Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Multimedia and Creative Technologies.