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Personalized Spatial Audio for Gaming and Entertainment

Personalized Spatial Audio for Gaming and Entertainment

Embody is an audio technology company at the intersection of Acoustics and Data Science. We are building AI engines to deliver real-time spatial awareness, presence and synesthetic immersion in gaming and entertainment. We are a team of researchers and engineers who came together through a passion for sound, music and gaming. We are creating groundbreaking technologies to elevate human sensory experiences.

Audio Driver Developer

Full Stack Engineer Intern

Business strategy & development leader. Designed/built the US NPR network. Created the Marvell Thin Modem BU growing to $400M/year, drove its divestiture to ASR
Audio Technologist and Entrepreneur. Led Audio Business at Marvell, CTO office. Now building EmbodyVR to transform auditory experience in VR/AR and Hearables