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Advanced data analytics to maximise student potential


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A VC team building Indian tech companies

Vibhav Viswanathan

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BCG Alum, IIT Kharagpur Grad

Jeremy Wenokur

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Co-Founder of Newhoo/ODP (Sold to Netscape/AOL), First Corporate Dev Exec at @Google now partner at Lightbox Ventures

Sandeep Murthy

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Partner at Lightbox, an India focused, early stage technology fund. Investments include ClearTrip, Infoedge, Inmobi, Greendust, Faasos, Furlenco, Droom.

Siddharth Talwar

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Venture Capitalist at @Lightbox . Ambassador at @magicbusindia. Co-owner of @hngrymonkey. Founder of Evolv (acquired by @niitltd).