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World-class product studio

World-class product studio

Ember Labs is a private laboratory that builds and launches world class high-growth consumer products. We don't work for clients. We take our own ideas and turn them into full-fledged products within 2-4 weeks. We launch up to 1 new product per month. Once a product exceeds our benchmark of high growth, we spin it off into a new company, secure funding, hire a dedicated team, and serve as a highly active investor. These are the core pillars that make us unique: 1) SPEED We move fast. Really fast. Ideation to prototype and launch in 3 weeks. 2) DESIGN & BRANDING Packaging sells. We take that to heart. There's art behind our products. 3) MARKETING We only specialize in products with viral growth potential. Our products have been exposed to dozens of millions of people at little to no cost.

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Jack Kim

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Creating consumer ventures at Ember Labs. Product Design @ Stanford.