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CTO and Co-founder

$15k – $50k • 0.0% – 15.0%
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This role would suit an experienced developer who is ready to step up to become co-founder of their own startup. You will still be writing code, with the help of offshore developers, but you'll be integral to all parts of the process including product management, design and growth.

We can pay a small salary to cover a few bills, however we won't be able to pay a full market salary until after our next funding round. Your experience will play a role in helping us complete that funding.



- Full-time role.
- Generous equity allocation with attractive terms (this is a genuine co-founder role!).
- some cash is available to help you pay some bills, but you must be more interested in the equity than the cash for this to work.
- 3+ years professional development experience required, including a very strong understanding of React.
- Modern tech stack with clean, well documented code.


This role will not be for everyone. If you're after a 9 to 5 job and $150k per annum, you can safely stop reading.

Here’s why you may NOT like this role:

- If you want to build a product from scratch, this won’t suit you - our product is already very advanced.
- If you want to work in a large team, this won’t suit you - it'll just be you plus one or two other developers.
- If you need a full market salary from day one, this won’t work - if you want a cofounder role, you must be in a position to sacrifice cash for equity.
- If you visit emastersapp.com and you don’t like the product, this won’t be for you - to be a co-founder you must LOVE the product.
- If you have absolutely no eye for design, this probably won’t work - all early team members in a tech startup need to have some appreciation for design.
- If you aren't very experienced with React then this definitely won’t be the role for you - this is a complex project and taking time to learn React means you won't be contributing to the product for several months.

Okay, enough with the negatives. Why WILL you want this role?

- You love startups.
- You are a great communicator, particularly if looking at this as a remote position.
- You want to be a co-founder and are tired of building things for other people.
- You like the idea of getting involved in all aspects of the business, not just writing code.
- You have looked at Listium and really believe that it has strong potential.
- You love our tech stack.
- You have experience with mobile apps, WebView and some understanding of React Native.

We think this is a great opportunity, but it clearly won’t be for everyone.

Extra points if you have experience with...
- Linux, Git, AWS, Serverless.
- Large-scale consumer facing products and distributed systems.
- Security aspects of web applications (defence against hacking).
- Front end technologies (to deal with full stack features).
- Page optimization: browser cache, render blocking, CDN, minification.
- Love to play games :D

Tools: Confluence, Jira, Github(Git), Sonar, Bugsnag, CircleCI

Desktop: JavaFX, Jdk8, Struts 1, h2, Hibernate, JPA, Git, CSS , Retrofit, Socket.io, Gradle, Log4j, TestFX and JUnit. Blockchain Hyperledge, IBM Watson, NLU, Speech-to-text, Text-to-speech, Data Discovery, Visual Recognition.

Backend: Serverless, Lambda, Dynamodb, Stream AWS, Redshift, Cognito, Pinpoint, Node.js + Python, Docker.

Web: React.js+Flux, CSS/HTML5

Please read all of this carefully and, if you decide to apply, answer the following questions:

- are you looking for a full-time or part-time role in the short-term?
- if part-time, is the goal to eventually make this your full-time position?
- are you in a position to work for a below market salary, at least for a few months?
- what is it about this role that most appeals to you?
- how many years have you been using React on a daily basis?
- please DO NOT just copy/paste your standard introductory note, as this won’t be much help in understanding why you are interested in this specific role.

Again, this role won't be for everyone. But if it sounds perfect for you, I would love to talk.

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