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Easier to prescribe than a drug

Easier to prescribe than a drug

The government has halted the rampant prescribing of painkillers and now insurance companies have started reimbursing doctors to provide new care to chronic pain patients.

For hospitals and doctors that are overwhelmed with the new burden of safely managing pain, Ella (Techstars ’16) provides a digital pain management platform that improves patient outcomes and automates documentation for reimbursement.

At Ella we have developed a mobile platform that seamlessly documents and delivers this behavioral intervention that fulfills insurance requirements for billing. We are currently testing our product with Cedars-Sinai’s Medicare population. Ella automates the consent process, administers the assessment of the patient using validated rating scales, provides a care plan template, documents mandated clinical staff time, delivers a daily brief behavioral intervention, and summarizes patient progress for caseload review.

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