Quantitative Researcher

$90k – $170k
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Elk Capital Markets is a high-frequency trading firm that uses its own technology to trade global equities, options, and futures with a focus on automated latency-sensitive strategies. We are actively hiring 1-2 more analysts in the New York office for a Aug 15th start date, and up to 1 analyst in the London office (training/internship in NY )
Manage an automated trading engine and analyze trades to identify problems and find improvements to strategies
Research and build research tools for new strategies
Create P&L, accounting, and other operational reports, gathering data from a variety of internal tools and databases
Expanding and maintain these tools using technologies such as Python (Pandas), MySQL, Django/Javascript, and Excel/VBA
Instrument, debug, quality-test, and contribute to a high performance trading engine (low-latency, multicore, lock-free C++ architecture)
Tech Stack:
Python (Pandas/Numpy for data and Django for web development)
C++ (high performance, multithread/multicore, lockfree for trading engine and Qt for GUIs)
CentOS Linux (bash, Solarflare, kernel tweaking), Windows (Excel, Bloomberg)
AWS, Cisco Networking
You're not expected to have worked with any of these technologies. You just need solid logical reasoning skills and the desire to learn coding.
If you are comfortable with numbers, like puzzles, finding patterns, and solving problems, you’ll enjoy this industry. At Elk, you’ll pick up solid coding skills and acquire a breadth of industry knowledge spanning financial markets, algorithmic trading, cutting edge technology, and market compliance/regulation

You’ll be a great fit if you are:
Eager to learn about HFT and develop a strong coding background
Able to take initiative and wear a lot of hats – we do not separate titles between development, analysis, and trading. You’ll rotate through projects in all of these fields, and are encouraged to seek out the resources, mentorship, and direction you need to build things and solve problems. As you demonstrate proficiency in these fields, your responsibilities and role within the firm will rapidly grow!
Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment on a 5-6 person team of extremely bright, often intense professionals
Able to give and receive direct feedback, and communicate effectively with a small team spread across multiple timezones
Reliable, detail-oriented, accountable. These sound like platitudes, but this is really, really important in this business. Our trading in the US market requires staying alert and engaged from 7 AM to 7 PM
Able to work out of the London office for part of the year (3-6 months)

To apply: Email recruiting@elkcapitalmarkets.com a resume and your answer to one or more of the following questions:
1. Share a problem or challenge that you enjoyed working on. What skills did you bring to the table? What roadblocks did you hit, and how did you (and your teammates) work through them?
2. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? What are you looking for in a job/mentor/team?
3. Share a time that you failed to meet an objective. What did you learn from the experience and what actions did you take to fix the situation? What would you do differently in the future, and what expectations do you have of your teammates in these situations?

We will only answer applications sent to the email above (not AngelList resume drops).

We’re looking for thoughtfulness, clarity, and directness in responses. We'll reply within a week to all emails regarding whether we will be moving forward with the process.

Interview Process:
Round #1 (approx. 20 applicants): You’ll either have a single comprehensive phone screen or two separate calls (one fit and one technical)
Round #2 (approx. 5 applicants): You’ll be given two problems to be completed over the course of a week. You’ll be connected with one or more of our traders to answer any questions you have. The questions start fairly easily, and as you answer them, the traders will ask follow-up questions that may become quite difficult.
Round #3: You’ll have an in-person interview at our NY office where you’ll meet the team.
Internship (2-3 accepted): You’ll be offered a 10-week paid internship to get a feel for the work and for us to get a feel for you. At the end of the internship, successful interns will be offered full-time positions with an immediate start date. Interns are compensated $1K/week

Traders are paid $90K with a discretionary bonus (expected $20K first year). Subsequent bonuses are a function of performance and firmwide profitability, and can significantly exceed base salary.

Elk Capital Markets at a glance


Elk Capital Markets focuses on Investment Management. Their company has offices in New York City and London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.elkcapitalmarkets.com/

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