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Niamh Nikali

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GPU/backend software engineer, Elixxir
Full stack nodejs developer with insatiable thirst for all things crypto.

Kate Dolbear

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Peter Somerville

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Stephanie Mary Vaughan

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CFO @Elixxir #blockchain #fintech #startup USMC Vet @NavalAcademy @Columbia_Biz alum who believes #women & #veterans are better leaders
Mission oriented, hands-on technical leader. Led teams to build SaaS CVE scanner, novel crypto messaging and election systems, and embedded sec. tools.

Jonathan Wenger

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Junior Software Engineer at Elixxir

Tigran Avakyan

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Software Engineer

William Carter

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Entrepreneur in AR, VR, and Blockchain. Cal Poly and VMI graduate. Researched computer vision @NASA/JPL

Chris Parbey Jnr

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All things digital marketing.

Mário Costa

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Former team

Konstantino Sparakis

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Amanda Cavaleri

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