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Entry Level Full Stack Engineer

$75k – $90k • No equity
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Elixxir is looking for a back-end developer to join our front facing development team. This position will support our mobile app, Prelixxir and entails coordinating with our mobile developers, web developers and our management team to build and maintain the back-end infrastructure for Prelixxir. A key component of this job is integration with the distributed, anonymous communications team, pulling metrics and passing data through the network. As the team is front-facing, developers are responsible for meeting hard deadlines to coincide with other front-facing efforts. This includes periodic extended availability during releases to support quick failure recovery and timely releases of patches and hot-fixes.

Our backend is currently built on an AWS Serverless infrastructure using API Gateway, RDS, Cognito and Python Lambdas. We are looking for someone who has experience working in AWS with these services, designing and maintaining Restful API’s and is experienced enough in Python to build maintainable, clean and testable code. Working with SQL will also be part of this job. The position is full time, and the ideal candidate would be able to work from our main office in Claremont, CA at least part time.

Working at Elixxir allows developers the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies. We pride ourselves on being developer friendly, and we make sure our developers have the best equipment available to them to work comfortably and efficiently. We strive as a team and as individuals to be high-performing, competent and innovative. The ability to navigate through startup culture to be productive is of great importance.

We are seeking developers at all levels. Please include links to your portfolio, personal website, github/gitlab/etc, or other public-facing resources you have available in addition to your resume which you should email to careers@elixxir.io.

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