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Fullstack Blockchain Platform - Speed, Privacy, Scalability, Security

Fullstack Blockchain Platform - Speed, Privacy, Scalability, Security

Elixxir is a full-stack blockchain platform led by world-famous cryptographer David Chaum, the inventor of digital cash and father of online anonymity. Powered by Privategrity, Elixxir is dedicated to facilitating truly decentralized payments and private messaging to consumers globally via the blockchain. The Privategrity office is located in Claremont, CA in Los Angeles County near the Claremont Graduate School and the five Claremont Colleges. The Elixxir technology represents a fundamental breakthrough in cryptography that enables performance and privacy on a global consumer scale. Our goal is to take blockchain technology mainstream, delivering a scalable, high-performing messaging and payment platform that affirms and preserves a user’s right to digital sovereignty, without compromising user experience. We are also developing a smartphone-based messaging and payments dApp that will serve as the first interface to the platform and offer users a range of transaction capability.

UX/UI Designer

Mustafa Eshanzada

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Sydney Erickson

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Software Engineer at Elixxir

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GPU/backend software engineer, Elixxir
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