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We are already a well known brand in India. Our Skill assessment products are used in 28 countries, across 5 continents, in three different languages (English, Mandarine and Japanese). Our Online coding platform is used by fortune 500 companies. The unmatched efficiency and value we deliver to our customers comes not only because we only hire smart people, but also because we make use of technology like no one else in this field. For example, face recognition algorithms for detecting impersonations. Our AI engine can differentiate between guess-work and genuine mistakes in the answer scripts. The list goes on... We are a small team, but a fun team to be part of. We believe we are rightly positioned to chase explosive growth, given that we already have a portfolio of successful products backing us. NOTE: This opening is only for people with 2 to 8 years of experience. If you just graduated on or after 2015, we request you to visit our website elitmus.com/jobs and apply
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Full Stack Developer (Senior Associate)

Posted 1 month ago

IMPORTANT: If you graduated in or after 2015, you SHOULD NOT apply here. You can visit our website www.


Senior Software Engineer

Posted 3 months ago
  • 5-8 years of experience with a demonstrated ability in problem-solving, diagnosing technical issues and proposing reasonable solutions
  • Familiar with text-based programming languages, preferably C/C++, and development experience on Linux.

Team Lead - Assessment Delivery Operations

Looking for a smart, empathetic and conscientious leader to handle end-to-end assessment delivery in a client-facing role. Success metrics include:

Defect-free, on-time delivery
Stakeholder management
Escalation management
Client retention and business development

This role will require avail...


Sales - Manager/ Lead / Associate

At eLitmus we have been too busy building awesome products and ensuring all customer deliveries are nothing but excellent. This has ensured that since 2010 all our customer sign ups have been though inward queries (where in eLitmus was referred by existing customers to next).


Corporate Sales Consultant

We are looking for sales professionals who believe in selling the old-fashioned way (if you don't know what that is, then maybe this is not for you! :)).


Senior Associate - Corporate Delivery team (Recruitment practice)

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