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Ultra fuel-efficient car for under $7,000

Ultra fuel-efficient car for under $7,000

“The development of the Elio might be the single most important and disruptive project of the next decade.” 
 -  A leading environmentalist

The Elio is an ultra fuel-efficient car for the masses. Our $7,000 price point is based on the simple premise that everyone should be able to afford sustainable transportation. 

The Elio's smartly engineered three-wheel, two-passenger profile is environmentally friendly and economical:

.    >80 miles per gallon highway @ $7,000 sticker price
.   1.4X the fuel economy of the Toyota Prius and 1/5th of its cost 
.   85% of the fuel economy of the Tesla at 1/10th its cost

We made the Elio ultra inexpensive and ultra fuel-efficient for price and environment conscious customers. Given this affordability and mileage, Elio's market is many times larger than some premium brands such as Tesla. 

Paul Elio

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Founder & CEO 18 years automotive experience; CEO @ ESG Engineering; Engineering roles @ Johnson Controls, Inc. 

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