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Building a new channel for browsing, buying, and selling consumer goods products

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- Elenas is a digital direct sales channel which allows women in Latin America to earn extra income by sharing and selling beauty products that they love in a risk-free way.
- Elenas (elenas.la) was chosen as one of the top 15 tech start-ups in Latin America for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield (tcrn.ch/2PoT8ik)
Direct sales is a 25 billion USD industry across Latin America, but the four companies who control the market have innovated very little on their model over the past decades; we are changing that by digitizing the direct sales experience for both sellers and end-buyers.
- We have launched our application (bit.ly/elenas-app), secured seed funding, and are already scaling across Colombia.
- Elenas is a Polymath Ventures company based in Bogotá, Colombia. Polymath has built 7 social impact-focused businesses in Latin America, raising over 60 million USD in funding.


- We’re looking for a driven computer engineer and technical strategist who can lead our development team and join our leadership at Elenas. This person will work to develop our technical product, map our data strategy, and build out and manage the development team.
- You’ll work alongside the leadership team to design the product roadmap and make key strategic decisions across all aspects of the business.
- Salary is at competitive local market rates, with options for equity compensation and significant growth based on performance.
- You’ll be working among a world-class team of entrepreneurs and business people who have collectively started 20+ companies in the US, Europe, and Latin America.
- Opportunity to live and work in an exciting and diverse location centrally located within Colombia and Latin America. Help with visa and relocation if needed.


- Entrepreneurial drive: We are looking for someone who loves to build from scratch and wants to be involved in the business at every level: discussing long-term strategy one day and developing the product the next. You should be comfortable with the ambiguity and risk associated with this type of business, but excited about the potential for huge-growth in the near future.
- Strategic mindset: We are constantly solving difficult problems and evaluating the business at a strategic level. You will be a key part of those discussions and we need someone with the analytical capability to contribute on a consistent basis.
- Leadership presence: You should be someone who inspires others with their passion for the business and the product we’re building. We want a leader who can attract other developers to the team and help them to grow and learn within our organization.
- Customer focus: At Descubre human-centered design and a customer-first perspective is at the core of who are. For you building a technical product shouldn’t just be about writing code, but instead should be about building a solution and product which our clients love.


- Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering (or equivalent work experience)
- Experience as Full Stack Developer- Strong OOP skills and application architecture experience.
- Prior management of development teams as a Lead Developer/Scrum master/CTO or similar.
- Either English or Spanish fluency, prefered if you have both
- Experience working on mobile applications preferred
- Development experience preferred: Javascript (React.js, React Native), Python (Flask), SQL
- Familiarity with lean and scrum methodologies and ability to implement and manage them in an early stage environment
- In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)

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Business Designer at Polymath Ventures // M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship at ESADE (Top 5 European Business School)