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Descubre is a digital direct sales channel which allows women in Latin America to earn extra income by sharing and selling beauty products that they love in a risk-free way. We provide new and exciting brands from around the world and sellers reach out to friends, share content, and advise on product purchases within the platform and over social channels. The transaction ultimately occurs between Descubre and the buyer meaning we handle all payment and delivery aspects of the customer journey. These elements enable a model which functions without multi-level structures or up-front inventory purchases on the part of the seller: dramatically reducing the risk that these women have to take on and the complexity it takes to run their business. Additionally, by digitizing the browsing and sales process for end-clients we can provide a more personalized and interactive experience via custom recommendations and curated beauty content.

Our diverse team is made up of top talent from Colombia, other Latin American countries, and around the world. Our leadership has years of experience in management at top tech start-ups and consumer goods companies. We are a Polymath Ventures company, meaning are fully backed and funded by an organization which has built and scaled companies across Latin America.
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