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Nano-technology enabling safer, longer-lasting batteries

Nano-technology enabling safer, longer-lasting batteries

Lithium-ion batteries dominate the battery market with billions of cells sold every year. However, as applications continue to demand more energy from their batteries (especially lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles), a way to safely increase energy density has so far proven to be difficult. At Elegus Technologies, we are commercializing a lithium-ion battery separator that allows battery manufacturers to increase their energy density without compromising safety.

Made from high-performance Kevlar fibers stemming from multi-year, multi-million dollar research at the University of Michigan, our separator can achieve revolutionary thinness because of our patent-pending process. Existing plastic separators have limitations with energy density and cell life. Our thinner separator allows for a safe increase in energy density, while being strong enough to suppress dendrite growth and increase battery shelf life, especially for demanding high-temperature conditions.

Siuon Tung

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Prof. University of Michigan; Founder of 3D Biomatrix, Nico Technologies, Elegus. PhD 1991 Moscow State University

Long Qian

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Founder Elegus Technologies • Studied at @University of Michigan, @Wuhan University University

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