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The next great movement in art.



Founder @Electric Objects , former GM @Digg / @Betaworks. Fascinated by what humans do with the internet, and what the internet does with humans.


Chris Tan

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Maker of things

Jessie Goldberg

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PR & Partnerships @Electric Objects

Lori Karns

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Engineering and Operations professional with 10+ years of product development experience

Greg Leppert

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Content and Community Strategy. Experiential Production. Art Curation. Expert in Internet Subcultures and Digital Art.

Rob Seward

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Kyri Sarantakos

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Vice President, Engineering @ElectricObjects

Board members and advisors

Design and engineering leader experienced in shipping groundbreaking products at scale
Jacob Bijani
Partner at Notation Capital.
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Former team

Luke Chamberlin

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Alex Ginsberg

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Eileen Wang

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Renita Barua

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Montana Ames

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Lisa Neigut

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