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Save Water & Eliminate Odour in Restrooms

Save Water & Eliminate Odour in Restrooms

ZerodorTM Waterless Urinals use IIT Delhi’s patented technology to eliminate odour very efficiently in restrooms and eliminates the need of water for flushing in urinals. ZerodorTM Waterless Urinals save 1,55,000 litres of freshwater per year for each installation. Can be used in schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, railway and bus stations to eliminate odour and simultaneously save large quantities of freshwater. A spinoff from adopting ZerodorTM Waterless Urinals Technology is reduction in infrastructure required for water supply as also energy savings owing to volume reduction of waste. The concept founded on principles of ecological sanitation helps in preventing environmental damage caused by conventional flush sanitation systems. ZerodorTM Technology has been licensed to IIT Delhi Sanitation Start up Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt Ltd and has been successfully installed at over 500 institutions within India as well as overseas.

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