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Applying NASA AI technology to healthcare

Applying NASA AI technology to healthcare

Ejenta allows health providers to care for their patients remotely at scale. Our customers include some of the largest health providers and insurers in the country. They use our platform and APIs to build data driven, personalized health applications to keep patients and care teams connected.

Ejenta's platform is based on exclusively licensed NASA technology, where software "intelligent agents" learn from data from connected devices and medical records. Users can interact with their own personal agents via mobile devices and voice-based smart speaker interfaces.

Ejenta's agent technology is currently running 24/7 in NASA's Mission Control for the International Space Station. Ejenta's investors include Amazon Alexa Fund, City Light Capital and Newark Venture Partners.

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Founder and CEO of @Ejenta. Founder and CEO of usable.com, sold to Webroot in 2010. PhD UC @Berkeley. Postdoc @Harvard University.
Founder and CTO @Ejenta. Started Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley. Lead Knowledge, Language & Interaction group @Xerox PARC. Principal Investigator and Senior Researcher in the Intelligent Systems Division @NASA/Ames.