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We're building a super team of intelligent, talented, relentless, history making, money making, no excuse having, accountable, hardworking and special superstars. Is that you?

Eiya is a place for ideas to collide and build off each other, a place where you can strengthen your understanding of what matters in the world. Make an impression. Be a part of a winning team. Maybe change the status quo. Instead of talking to a computer in a solitary environment, you’re participating in a thriving, evolving network. That’s good, because our team creates wonders when we come together. Eiya, for instance.

Our mission is to move thinking forward on the urgent and important issues that affect people right now and will affect us all in the future. So we’re building a platform that fosters new levels of commerce and provides a home for individuals and businesses that contribute meaningfully to the idea. It's not easy, and we don’t have all the answers. There’s still a lot of work to be done to improve the idea, the product, fight friction, and make magic. We need best-in-class engineering, beautiful design, and powerful data.

There’s room for you, and your thoughts, to breathe. We strive towards the impossible, to be fearless, and to defy the existent. All of us are dedicated to improving —  our teams, the product, and the world — by taking immediate action. We earn the trust of our teammates through honesty and transperancy, and by not making it about any one individual. Eiya is about being awesome, together.

We are striving to create this era's most intelligent logistics network to grow a secure, instant, and transparent economy. Our team is battling against institutions that have not innovated in decades and no longer serve the needs of all us. Join our team and help us recreate logistics for generations to come.
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UX/UI Designer


Operations Manager


Account Executive (Sales)

Software Engineering

Software Engineer (Backend)

Software Engineering

Software Engineer (Payments)

Software Engineering

Frontend Developer (React)


Industrial Design Engineer (Packaging)