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Neurolyzer - brain states analyser

Neurolyzer - brain states analyser

The Neurolyzer is a multi-tenant web service to store, to analyse, and to classify brain waves data. Its main goal is to provide real-time system for pattern detection and classification of brain waves. It has API to send data to the service. Classification API will be added in the near future.

The Neurolyzer utilises power of math, including statistical methods and neural networks.

We are developing a game, called the NeuroVibes, that uses EEG as input source and allows players to make music. The game has three types of feedback: visual, audio, and numerical. Anonymous data from the NeuroVibes will be collected for analysis in the Neurolyzer.

Both the Neurolyzer and the NeuroVibes currently are in alpha stage. Preview is available upon request.

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