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Building a 5* team of hustlers fired up to impact the football industry & take on a chunk of the edutech market for sports & fitness.

A motivated team with character and passion for tech, learning and/or sport! You don't necessarily need experience, but you must be motivated and passionate to put in the work!

You're not in the startup space just because it's cool and trendy, but because it reflects who you are.

Personality wise, you're someone who:

- Takes risks and challenges the status quo everyday.
- You go to sleep every night with a vision of what you want to become.
- You like to talk about ideas, but more-so you LOVE progress and putting in the work.

Sound like you? Drop us a line.
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Videographer (Vlog)

Ever heard of @Drock from Daily Vee? He’s the guy who follows motivational entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk around the world and films/edits his daily vlog.