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eero delivers a consistently strong signal everywhere you need it



Matt Latham

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Mechanical design engineer experienced in mechanical design, process documentation, injection molding, metalwork, high and low volume manufacturing .

Dave P

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Worked at eero

maggie chan

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Talent at eero

Eric Fritz

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Stanford MS, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems, Smart Product Design Currently a Manufacturing Test Software Engineer at Eero

Calvin J Feng

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Worked at nook, nest and eero.

Andrés Cassinelli

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Hardware Engineer at eero

Benoit Mayer

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All around Internal consultant. Problem solver, by excellence. Experience in Operations, Supply Chain and Manufacturing.

Cecilia Wong

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Worked at eero, MuleSoft. Went to University Of California, Berkeley

Gabe Kassel

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Product manager - consumer electronics

Jeffrey Chase

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Community Manager. Self-taught UX/UI and visual designer. Graduate of the WP Carey business school at Arizona State with focus in business communications.

Jessica Chen

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UX Designer at eero. Lead the design for the launch of the first eero app. Currently focused on eero's first time user experience.

Mark Sieglock

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Business Operations Lead

Matt Packard

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Run global sales and business development for eero. Worked in cable/satellite/telco industry for 23 years.

Matt Richards

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I solve difficult problems with threads, sockets, and strong crypto. Also, I bust cruft and grok complex systems quickly.
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Michael Wang

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Nali Weinstein

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Natalie Pau

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Katie Wen

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