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Steven Favazza

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Rose Sinclair

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Grant Goodman

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senior technical writer with broad experience in writing for programmers, system administrators, and business users.

Mark Haseltine

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Passionate about online education. Currently CTO at edX, a non-profit open source company committed to bringing quality education to everyone, everywhere.

Lee Rubenstein

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Bill DeRusha

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Clinton Blackburn

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Tatiana Ivan

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amit goyal

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Jaclyn Jussif

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Head of recruiting at edX

Tyler Hallada

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Full-stack web experience, currently at edX, previously at Kyruus, MIT Media Lab, Zulip, and Northeastern CS graduate

Joel Barciauskas

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Brian Jacobel

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Full-stack developer with 3+ years experience creating scalable, impactful web applications. Especially interested in emerging JavaScript technology.

Mark Sadecki

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Marco Morales

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Christine Lytwynec

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Toddi Norum

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Elina Hu

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