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edX represents a unique opportunity to work in a mission based organization focused on changing the definition of higher education. There is no shortage of compelling work opportunity in the Greater Boston Area, but few if any offer the special mix of cutting edge technology AND a startup feel like we have here at edX. If you're a Software Engineer, a Product Manager, or a supporter of the open source movement, edX could be a very good fit. We run our deployments iteratively and are running Agile to get the job done.

edX is ~200 employees with about 70 engineers and 10 product managers / UX working here in Cambridge. We occupy 3 floors at 141 Portland St. and continue to expand all teams.

We are Python/Django shop and everything runs through Jira. Teams are broken down into the Teaching and Learning module, eCommerce, Mobile, Data and Analytics, Ops, and Open Source. Teams are manageable with 7-9 people making up our larger groups here in Cambridge.

We are a fairly agnostic engineering shop and our engineers come from a variety of backgrounds including Java and .NET - although everyone adopts Python upon joining.

If you are looking for something different out of your career, think about something mission based. Our courses already reach 7 million people and our goals are to reach hundreds of millions of learners over the next decade. If this is interesting to you, we want to talk!
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