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Your Talent Agent

Your Talent Agent

Edvo is a Talent Agent that gets people the best jobs, so that they can live their best life. We get people jobs that they qualify for today, AND develop them for jobs they will need in the future.

1. Chat with us: We know you're on the go, so chat with us via Messenger! We want to find the best opportunities for you, so we start by getting to know you.

2. Get Informed: We answer the hard questions for you, like what industries and jobs are you qualified for today? What can you do to get more qualified? What jobs are on the upswing?

3. Get Connected: We will surface opportunities that you qualify for and actually want. We'll connect you directly to the hiring managers.

4. Get Skilled: And for jobs you don't yet qualify for but want, we'll tell you what skills you need. It can be tough to find the right courses to learn those skills, so we evaluate thousands of online courses to find the best ones that improve your qualification in the shortest amount of time.

Shireen Jaffer

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Founder @Edvo - committed to creating Education that works

Daniel Fischer

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I build things - usually with technology, with a side of grit.

Raaid Hossain

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Now: Co-Founder & @Edvo Prev: Co-Founder @Wiser (acquired by Wiser Solutions), VP of Strategy @Wiser Solutions

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