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Sales Development Representative / Product Specialist

£20k – £30k • 0.01% – 0.2%
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A lot of retailers need help with their business and don't always get things right. Not everyone is using EDITED yet, so in this job you need to be business minded, because you need to ask the right questions, understand how their business works, and how to integrate EDITED into their every day.

You'll be responsible for reaching out and booking meetings with Senior Director and C-level executives and working closely with the Business Development Managers to support a smooth sales process.

You’ll be explaining how to use our product from a value perspective and also showing retailers the best way to trade in 2019.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about sales, prospecting and the most important parts of retailing, which is going to be the beginning of a great step up in your sales career.


* Identify new opportunities and to qualify potential leads
* Run a smooth process with both inbound and outbound leads, from initial outreach via phone, email or LinkedIn, to the qualification of these opportunities


You are:

* Someone who likes to win - you’re hungry to learn sales
* Articulate, clear and concise - people pay attention when you speak
* Considered and confident. You’re not afraid to engage with prospects
* Entrepreneurial, independent and self-motivated - you love to get your hands dirty
* KPI and target driven
* Interested in starting a career in sales - this is a great foot in the door and you’re excited to progress to one day closing deals
* Someone who loves problem-solving and innovating
* A person that gets things done
* A super fast learner

Essential skills:

* You have great attention to detail
* You have strong admin and writing skills
* You’re aware of what’s going on around you - you love reading business books and keeping up-to-date with blogs and podcasts
* You're a great researcher, inquisitive and you love digging up information
* You are persistent, patient, don't get discouraged and, when you meet or speak to difficult people, you can brush it off and get back on your A-game

This will be your opportunity to make a difference to, and to work with, some of the largest organisations in a huge industry. EDITED already boasts some of the finest partners, such as Topshop, Puma and Tommy Hilfiger. Your role will have an immediate impact on more companies like these and will build upon an already amazing partner list.