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Jaipur based Hybrid Ed-Tech startup

Jaipur based Hybrid Ed-Tech startup

We are about to bring a revolution in the field of personalised education, home & away tuition, across these three domains 1. Sports & Fitness: Yoga, Zumba Aerobics, Martial Arts, Cricket, Swimming & other Sports 2. Hobbies & Life Skills: Music, Dance, Theater, Fine Arts, Crafting & Cooking, 3. Academics: Subjects (K-12), Abacus, Vedic Maths & computer knowledge In addition to teaching, we are focusing on an individual’s personality development by means of sports & fitness training.We also urge people to participate in various yoga activities & hobby classes. We are working on a conceptualised syllabus for our academic classes where our experts can use different videos and 3-D models to teach the different concepts of science and maths. We deliver trusted and thoroughly verified tutors at the rendezvous point. These tutors have to go through our rigorous evaluation and verification process. We ensure their quality and credibility through a proper background check.

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