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Who are we? Being passionate about AI, we realized very early that for AI to achieve it’s true potential it needs to leverage all the data we are generating every passing moment but that will not happen because traditional methods of doing AI today are invasive, requiring user data to be shipped and stored at a central location; sharing data implies loss of control over data, which is unacceptable. What if there was a way for all of us to collaborate, the data owners, the AI scientists? In this future that we are building, research institutes can collaborate and find better answers, faster; Hospitals from all over the world can collaborate and train AI on patient data and find new cures; Banks can collaborate with payments gateways to support us better for our needs at every stage of our lives; all this while protecting data from exposure. Societies and Governments can find answers to better resource distribution, be it food, energy, or knowledge. To give the curious scientists access to all the data in the world while keeping the data private is an ambitious vision, and that’s what we are after. One step at a time, we will reach there. Perks of working with us: Culture: We are young, we move fast and we have makers culture. We love science fiction and have a history of building side-kick products. We believe in shipping products; ship or die. Office: We work remotely, and we have accelerator space at NetApp Bangalore whenever you feel like working there, and there is a small pad where we get together whenever we have to go on sprints or work together, or jam together, or game together. Future: Every day, we are growing technically, economically, philosophically, and culturally. If you are a curious person who loves exploring and building new technologies, and if you feel at home shipping consistently, we’d love for you to join us and evolve towards the full story.
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Confidential Computing Engineer

Posted 1 month ago
  • Most of our effort will be around Intel SGX (a type of TEE)
  • Designing APIs and protocols for encrypting and managing AI workloads, optimize memory management in TEEs