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Entrepreneur angels: Lee Jacobs, Brian Balfour, Elaine Wherry, Todd Masonis


6 investors


Chase Lochmiller

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Quantitative researcher @JumpTrading. MIT. Stanford. Angel Investor.

Ben Jacobs

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Head of Ventures @Mars Petcare Co-Founder @Modern Animal Former Co-Founder and CEO @Whistle Labs , Investor @DCM and Consultant @Bain & Company.

Matt Koidin

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CTO at Pocket. Technical Advisor at TeamRankings.com. Co-chair of the Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network. Previously, founder at @Justarrive, Inc.

Jonathan Katzman

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Chief Product Officer at @Minerva Project. Startup guy, investor & advisor. Founded @Xoopit (sold to Y!). Early employee at @Tellme Networks (sold to MSFT) and Vermeer Technology (sold to MSFT).

Jonathan Bruck

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@Pocket Juggler. Product Discovery for @Xoopit, @Indextank, @TrialPay