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Storytelling meets business lessons

Storytelling meets business lessons

We are designing - smartbooks - interactive books crafted just for your smartphones.
Our smartbooks deliver the key takeaways from the world's best business books in short interactive narratives.

Unlike the traditional books that are basically a sum of a trillion words, we break them down and present them to you with a fun mixture of storytelling, visuals and gamification.

You can read our books in less than 60 minutes or take the longer route and deep dive into topics that are of your interest.

Our first book “Zero to 100” is a summary of 1000 hours of the most important entrepreneurial readings transformed into an interactive novel. Learn how to start a business by stepping into the journeys of different entrepreneurs. Help them make decisions and save them from failure.

Imagine Walt Disney, Rockefeller and Picasso had met and crafted a book together!



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