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A Global Crowdfunding Web Platform for a Sex-Positive World!

A Global Crowdfunding Web Platform for a Sex-Positive World!

We are creating a crowdfunding site for sex-positive and sex-negative projects that people have around the world. One of the most difficult things to receive support and funding for is anything to do with sex.

We hope that the EcoSex Fund will act as a funding incubator for people around the world who have ideas that they need to fund.

The EcoSex Fund concept was developed by Mojo Mustapha, founder of the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community. (hedonisia.com)

Hedonisia Hawaii was destroyed on May 26, 2018 by the Kilauea volcano eruption which covered much of the property.

After the flow, Mojo moved to Portland OR where he is working on a number of ecofeminist and sex-positive projects.

The EcoSex Fund is one of them. TantricGanja.com is another.

We are looking for a progressive web and SEO savvy developer to turn our concept into reality!

Mojo Mustapha

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Community Director at Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Tourist Community. Web Developer of the Hedonisia Activist and EcoFeminist Entrepreneur Web Portfolio.

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