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Who are We We are a before-product-market-fit company creating a Fintech-enabled Recurring Travelers marketplace (Think airBnB, but with fintech) The problems of recurring travel is our opportunity. Our Mission Our mission is to solve problems of Recurring Travel by matching recurring travelers to partially unused properties using WEALTH GENERATION STRATEGIES. Values Passion – we believe in hard work and we believe in loving what you do Feedback – at the right times, we share information to help others gain knowledge for improvement Trust – we believe in building trust through our process and then leverage trust for best performance Privacy – we believe in safe-guarding data and boundaries. We believe in consent. Testing as learning– we believe in figuring out what works by replicating real-life situations as closely as possible Teamwork – we believe in creating a culture of empowering team members Customer Commitment – we exist to help solve the problems our customers have.
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Developer (Bubble.io, React, Python, and Automation)

Posted 5 months ago

What You Will Do
• You will be working on our platform utilizing Bubble.io and / or React
• You will be challenged to take a new wireframe / design and translate into requirements for changes.