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Setting out to create the most eco-friendly body care line: Body Care. Earth Care

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A holistically sustainable body care line. A closed-loop social enterprise based on Ecological Principles.
We surpass Earth’s planetary boundaries. Our disposable economy is engulfed by single-use plastic. Our neglect is costing us our health with exponential food-related diseases. What not everyone realises is that harmful chemicals in conventional body-care products are applied to our largest organ: the skin

Our body care line, ANATO, gives consumers the ability to pro-actively address these issues. Made with tree crops, ANATO is for people who want pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint.
By providing people with minimally processed & packaged personal care products sourced from the forest, we increase individual’s well-being and subsequent care for the planet

About the Founder:
Céline has been making her own medicine and cosmetics since the age of 11. Today, she combines her knowledge of sustainable agriculture and her experience fighting plastic pollution via her non-profit Plastic Tides to create a body care line setting out to be the most eco-friendly body care on the market.
She holds degrees from Cornell and Oxford Universities and is eager to educate the public about sustainability topics via a consumer product.
Céline's life-long expertise, vast networks in academia, sustainable agriculture and the outdoor industry as well as the perfect timing make this start-up a very promising endeavour.

This start-up is based in Santa Cruz, a hub for environmental initiatives close to Silicon Valley's endless resources for entrepreneurs.

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